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ROV for inspections

Fish Eye Underwater Inspections & Recovery offers a safe inexpensive way to do all your underwater video inspections or recoveries without the need of commercial divers. We are members of the AWWOA, SWWA, ComplyWorks, and the AASP. We also have a current SECOR. Using our micro ROV we can conduct reservoir inspections, as well as towers, docks, intakes, piers. Our new pipe crawler can do pipe inspections with virtually no depth or pressure restrictions.

Water tower inspections

We use a HD camera and LED floodlights to record the whole dive. Our micro ROV will fit into the smallest hatches or manways. This enables us to inspect water reservoirs and towers that divers may not be able to access. The ROV is very small and lightweight enabling us to conduct jobs on the highest water towers.

By eliminating the need for commercial divers we are able to conduct the dive safe and very inexpensive when compared to a full dive team. Because we are using a ROV, the crew size is limited to two people max with most dives requiring just the operator.


The importance of conducting regular routine inspections and maintenance of our drinking water facilities can't be stressed enough. Sediment levels can reach discharge pipes and distribution pumps. Sediment that is left in a reservoir too long can turn septic. By regularly (3-5 years) inspecting the reservoir for sediment levels you can curtail expensive costs down the road.


We quite often encounter wildlife inside "sealed" reservoirs. Generally, the critters we discover are mice and frogs. We have seen birds and squirrels. Even larger skeletal remains have been found inside reservoirs. Whether it's curious people somehow gaining access and throwing animals in, or they find a way in themselves they need to be removed.

Valves, Pipes, Pumps,& Intakes.

Corrosion is a big problem in chlorinated reservoirs. Over time the corrosion can build up and affect the structural integrity of valves, valve stems, pipes, pipe stands, and pumps. With a detailed video inspection, we can show you what shape your underwater structures are in.

Our newest ROV


Our newest ROV is the DT 340S pipe crawler. With a working depth of 150' it can penetrate into the deepest pipes. Whether it's surface or diver deployed the HD pan, tilt, zoom camera will capture everything you need to see. The whole inspection is recorded and yours to pass on to interested parties. The 4 wheel drive skid steer capabilities means it can travel over rough terrain making culvert inspections a breeze. Tracks can also be utilized for extreme conditions. The wheels can be switched out from 8"-12". 


  • Zero chance of cross contamination
  • SECOR certified
  • No limitations on dive time or depth
  • Very quick set up and tear down
  • Battery operated units with a run time of 6-8 hours
  • Inexpensive
  • Extremely safe
  • High quality video
  • Access to certified commercial dive team
  • 2 person team max
  • Able to enter very small and difficult to access hatches

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